Our Rivaner 2021 is in the bottle!



Awards of the 2020 vintage


AWC Vienna - Inernational Wine Challenge

Riesling "Drei Mäderlhaus" - Gold

Grüner Veltliner "Weinviertel DAC" - Silber

Grüner Veltliner "Selektion" - Silber

Welschriesling "Fortissimo" - Silber

Muskateller "Papagena" - Silber

Rosè - Silber




Niederösterreichische Landesweinprämierung

Grüner Veltliner DAC - NÖ-Wein-Gold 2021

Grüner Veltliner "Selektion" - NÖ-Wein-Gold 2021

Welschriesling "Fortissimo" - NÖ-Wein-Gold 2021

Pinot Blanc "Spargelphilharmonie" - NÖ-Wein-Gold 2021

Riesling "Drei Mäderlhaus" - NÖ-Wein-Gold 2021


"Nachhaltig Austria" zertifiziert!

Nachhaltigkeit spielt bei uns schon seit Generationen eine große Rolle.

Die Arbeit mit der Natur liegt uns am Herzen und seit 2 Monaten sind wir nun "Nachhaltig Austria" zertifiziert. 🙂



Frisch in der Flasche!

Ganz frisch in der Flasche ist jetzt unser Tresterbrand von unseren feinen Muskateller-Trauben. 😊



Wir haben es geschafft!

Matthias wurde beim Falstaff-Voting zum beliebtesten Jungwinzer Niederösterreichs gewählt.

Den ganzen Bericht und die Ergebnisse gibt es hier zum Nachlesen: https://www.falstaff.at/nd/das-sind-oesterreichs-beliebteste-nachwuchs-winzer/ 



You can find all information about our sparkling wine under the menu item "Sekt Maestoso".






Each vine has its own rhythm.

In each grape a timbre trembles, a beat that only belongs to it.

In each harvest a legato, a vocally harmonious bow of the bouquet, is stretched:

From the soprano of the sun and the bass of the ground.

From the alto of the departure – in the upswing to the height of progress.

From the tenor of tradition – listening to the hearts of the homeland. Our wine and our music:

In both the melody of our life, our love, meanders.


What turns our wines into music


A sounding cartography...

What makes wine music on the palate? How does the grape on the vine become a sounding composition in the glass? The answer is part of our philosophy: as in composition, harmony is not achieved by grinding off the exciting, but by tying together the polyphonic to form a whole, by tasting the aromas to form a whole dish. Let's map some of these pillars of sound that support the composition of our wines, their unity of body and mind:

Nature and Culture

Resonance body of the polyphony of life

Our philosophy is “Bio-Philie”, love for nature, for life, for life: Never is nature for us a thing, a calculable stock, a material…

…the technical machinations that crush the living in the cogwheels of exploitation and reckoning.nature, that is the rustle of the vine leaf in the wind, the scent of fresh spring earth, the traction in the walk through the terroir, the catch game of the sun ball in every grape on the vine, the feeling of the seasons breath. Culture means to us nothing else than the care of the growing and living of nature, in a word: our culture is love for nature. This is exactly what the Reckendorfer Winery stands for: to be a resonating body for the polyphony of nature, for the polyphony of life!

This is exactly what makes our wine a concert experience – the voices of nature and life!

Tradition and Innovation

Melody arc from origin and future

Only those who know their roots will find support for something new. Only those who experience origin as meaning can design the future in a meaningful way. Those who innovate at the expense of…

…of tradition, loses the ground under his feet and confuses progress with gear. Those who want to cling to traditions at the expense of innovation, will be caught in the snail’s shell of anxiety. For us, immersing ourselves in the tides of stories becomes a source of inspiration and innovation: feeling our own roots is our strength chamber for the creative, for the adventure of the untrodden, for the joy of jumping over barriers. And so the detection of the new becomes for us the breathing air for the lungs of enthusiasm and at the same time the drive for the heart that upholds our origins. This is exactly what the Reckendorfer Winery stands for: to be a melodic arch for the tension between origin and future!

This is exactly what makes our wine a concert experience – the voices of the old and the new!

Space and Time

Tuning fork for the development of wine

What makes the time-playing space for growing and maturing our grapes so special, so unmistakable? What gives the becoming…

…of our wines the key and the signs, the metre and the measure? The time-play space of our vineyards is far more than the staking out of mass and measuring points in the coordinate system of a wine-growing localization. The actual location of our grapes is neither quantum nor quantity. For us, the wine’s becoming is a giving of space and time, which pours the location of the vine in the hub of heaven and earth into the finished work. Neither numbers nor figures suffice as a touchstone for our wines. Our claim is the conferring unfolding of our top sites, the early unfolding from the vine to the work in the glass – in every taste. This is exactly what the Reckendorfer Winery stands for: to be the tuning fork for becoming in the work of wine.

Exactly this makes our wine a concert experience – for the voices in the time-playroom of pleasure.

Work and rest

Clock for the balancing act of life

The wine is inexorable: it demands the highest attention, mindfulness and care in the work and the quality of the wine…

…at the same time recognition of peace and maturity. He does not tolerate any mass and any reification, he resists any tempo tyranny, he laughs at the momentary evaporation at the hearth of hectic and acceleration. And yet he punishes all wasting and spurning of the right moment, idleness at the wrong time. The secret of wine is only revealed by listening to its very personal, very unmistakable Kairos, i.e. its moment nodes of being and becoming. This is precisely the true clock for the rhythm of work and rest, which is nothing less than a symbol for the balance of life. It is only in the attentive and attentive balancing of work and tranquillity that the wine’s peculiar musicality liquefies and becomes – like any true balance of work and tranquillity, tension and relaxation – a celebration. This is exactly what the Reckendorfer Winery stands for: to be a clock generator for the balancing act of life, which wine turns into a celebration.

This is exactly what makes our wine a concert experience – for the voices of the celebrations of our lives.




Our music is wine:

Every trumpet blast like a dance on the palate Every soundtrack like a glitter in a tasting glass Our wine is music:

Artfully composed from the melos of our nature, from the Eros of our culture.

Our wine is music:

The melody giver, the tone colour filler of love and life Weingut Reckendorfer: The sound of wine






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